IHC (Interchurch Holiness Convention)

IHC (Interchurch Holiness Convention) will be taking place this year on April 21-23 in Dayton, Ohio! The THRIVE Youth Group will be taking a road trip to attend an IHC service, as well as visit God’s Bible School, and other activities. (See THRIVE Calendar for more information). The IHC is a gathering of many holiness denominations, and is a wonderful… Read more →

Pastor’s Thoughts-Revival

I want to thank Bro Petit from my heart for his faithful and dynamic preaching of the truth from God’s Word. His burden for souls is inspiring and convicting. The Sunday night service is one that blessed my heart through and through. If you missed this service you missed one of the most powerful touches of Jesus upon a local… Read more →

WBC Tulsa is Excited to Welcome Our New Assistant Pastor

Wesleyan Bible Church of Tulsa is excited to welcome Reverend Eric Going and his family to the WBC Tulsa Pastoral Staff. Eric will be taking the position of Assistant Pastor and Music Director. The Goings are in the process of moving, and will officially be in Tulsa in the beginning of April. Eric Going’s first Sunday on the Pastoral Staff… Read more →